Type Virus
Platform Microsoft DOS
File Type .COM, .EXE
Alias Virus.DOS.Techno.1123
Virus.DOS.Techno or Techno is a virus that runs on MS-DOS.


Techno is a non-resident overwriting virus which permanently corrupts the programs it infects.

It searches for the COMMAND.COM file and for the first not infected .COM file of the current directory, then writes itself to the end of the file.

The payload activates randomly one out of ten times. When executed, it uses the CPU's audio device to play a tune that was created by the author of the virus, which goes for about 1:49. While the tune is playing, the word "techno" is typed all over the DOS screen in a slow manner, slow enough to make the user of the computer to feel as if a person was typing it at a continuous speed.

If the user of the computer presses any button on the keyboard, a line of text will stop typing the word "techno" and type once the phrase

»Don't touch the keyboard«

Once the word "TECHNO" is written all over the screen, the music stops and the word "TECHNO" is written in a large box at the center of the DOS screen.

This is a video about Virus.DOS.Techno :

Download link for the tune : Techno.mp3
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